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Where will I find a Mask?

It wouldn't be a Masquerade if you didn't wear a mask. Fanciful masks and funky attire would be ideal. We have notified the local costume shops to expect you. However, if you're short on time or cash, any mask will do. Think: superhero, super-villain, bad glasses, surgical masks, or any costume that suits you. We will also be selling masks at the door. So come with a little extra cash, and we'll get you looking right.

For those on a budget, you can buy a $1 mask at Michael's crafts, and decorate it yourself. We recommend this route, and will have a special prize for the best homemade mask.

For those who want to defer to a higher artistic power, check out this Asheville artist. Willow makes custom masks, which can be formed on your own face. Her work will be sold at the Prom.

What will I wear?

In keeping with the Masquerade theme, we suggest any costume that includes a mask, feathers, or is just plain outrageous. Of course, psychadelia and Mardi Gras style masks will rule the night. However, Halloween masks, superheroes, surgical masks, bandits, facepaint, bedsheets, and beanie caps are welcome. Whatever you wear, make sure it's danceable, because we guarantee you will be moving all night long. And remember, while this is a charity event, the Prom is not meant to break your pocketbook.

We will also offer masks for sale at the door, and face painting on site. So if you can't costume yourself, just bring your outrageous attitude and we'll do the rest.

Ladies, have you been to the discount Dillards at the Biltmore Square Mall? They have everything from Prom gowns to disco dresses to glass slippers at about 75% off. I guarantee you'll find something fabulous for a fraction of the original cost.

For some costume ideas, check out these links:
An inspiring Masquerade party gallery:
Expensive but high quality masks:
Inexpensive ideas, including printable masks:
Costumes and Masqeurade ideas:

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Masquerade Sparkle

How can I help?

First, tell your friends about the Prom. We promote the prom mostly by word of mouth, and try to keep this a party of friends. You can make the prom more fun by inviting all your friends.

Second, consider donating to our silent auction. We need donations of goods and services that can be sold to our patrons. If you can provide something, anything that our classy patrons would drool over, contact Jana at Project Access.

Can I invite my friends?

Are you kidding? The Prom is thrown by friends for friends. If you are visiting this site, then you are a friend of the Prom. Your friends are friends of the Prom. The more friends you invite, the more the Prom will be your party. You may not know them under their mask, but everyone at the Prom will be your friend eventually.

You can even become a friend of the Prom on Facebook. Meet us at

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