Warning: persons depicted may appear cooler than they really are

2009: The Funkidelic Masquerade

Who were those people? What were they hiding? Behind the masks and face paint were a hungry horde of dance crazed somebodies! Dr. Disco made his dazzling debut. Austing Powers (I swear it was really him!) and Foxy Brown got good and groovy. Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band pleased the crowd out of their masks and bounced the Orange right out of its Peel.

Ticket sales and the silent auction netted Project Access over $4600. Look for the next Prom in late January 2010.

View photos of the prom here, as recorded by those willing to unmask their friends: (please expect a delay as the viewer loads)

The Funkidelic Masquerade also featured The Smoochbooth! Strange things happen when you put two or more consenting adults behind a velvet curtain and start taking pictures. It's all recorded here: (You will need to sign in)

Smoochbooth (27K)
Provided by: Corey McNabb Photography, 828.254.4954

2008: The Solid Gold Polyester Pantsuit Party

The Polyester Pantsuit Party was 2008's hottest dance party! Royal Groove rocked the Orange Peel and had the crowd shaking to the best dance tunes of that swinging decade - the Seventies. The crowd was a crazy conflagration of sequins, satin, miniskirts and gold chains. We were graced by celebrities Captain and Tenille, Tina Turner, two Elvises, more pimps than Times Square, and the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. A surprise appearance by the band Kiss reminded us to "Rock and Roll all night and party every day."

Between the ticket sales, bar receipts, and silent auction, the 2008 Prom raised over $7000 for Project Access.

Videos of Royal Groove's performances at the Prom are available on YouTube: Brick House ... Drift Away ... Proud Mary and ... Last Dance

To view and purchase photos of 2008's Polyester Pantsuit Party, click this link:

BigHairAffairPhoto (64K)

2007: A Big Hair Affair

The Asheville Prom started in 2007, with "A Big Hair Affair". We Wanged and Chunged to the best of Eighties music. Madonna and Don Johnson were our celebrity guests.

Photos of 2007's Big Hair Affair are available at: